Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy

On site at New Mission we have a fully qualified and experienced Sports and Remedial massage practitioners. Trained at the prestigious and internationally recognised London School of Sports Massage they specialise in the following areas.

  • MRT Myofascia Release Technique
  • Pre and Post sports event massage therapy
  • Work related muscular stress
  • General aches and pains caused by everyday life…
  • Swedish massage
  • Systematic Kinesiology

What is Sports Massage?

Sports Massage is a highly effective natural therapy used in the aid and recovery musculos-keletal problems. It works on a multitude of levels and in its unique way combines various benefits to suit individual requirements making it a highly versatile and effective treatment method…

Minor injuries is the most common musculo-skeletal problem which can be positively treated via massage therapy

Aids more effective and faster repair of damaged muscle tissue

Aids with postural realignment for a healthier more functional and balanced musculo-skeletal system

Helps the prevention of injury which could be the case through over use such as in sports specific event training

Lymphatic drainage – aids in helping the body in reducing swelling after acute injury by removing the accumulation of fluid and damaged cell particles from the injured area to promote good recovery

Pre and Post sports event massage – helps preparation for and recovery from competitive events

Aids with built up work related muscular pain and nervous stress caused by everyday life helping bringing back balance and a general feeling of well being

Works in balance and aids with other holistic therapies including osteopathy physiotherapy podiatry etc


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After an initial consultation with James in which he actively listened in order to understand my specific needs, he conducted a series of tests to establish the root cause of the lingering pains

Nick Burnett