“I had been going to the gym for a number of years mostly taking part in the classes and doing weights but not as part of a structured program. I had maintained fitness but was not achieving what i wanted out of the time that i spent at the gym. I went to James as a personal trainer with the aim of becoming more defined and to reduce my body fat and become leaner.

James was able to tell me why i was retaining weight in certain parts of my body more than others and therefore was able to write me a weights program and give me advice on diet and nutrition to target these areas. As a result of this over the last year i have achieved my aim. I have dropped dress sizes and become leaner.

I realise that some women do not want to be muscley but i am very happy with myself now and continue to train using the programmes that James has put together in order to keep working out in a productive way.”

Louise Hendry

My needs were less about personal training and more on fixing the damaged ligaments in my knee and elbow. After an initial consultation with James in which he actively listened in order to understand my specific needs, he conducted a series of tests to establish the root cause of the lingering pains. Within an hour with him, I’d learnt more about how my body operates physiologically than I had in several sessions with the physio. What followed was six hourly sessions over three weeks whereby James tailored various exercises to target the core of the issue itself. My intention was to use James for a few weeks and for him to build a custom programme for me to follow so I could address the symptoms but more importantly, the root cause which turned out to be poor alignment of my muscles eminating from my hips along with weak and tight muscles. However, training sessions with James aren’t just physical in nature, they are massively educational and each session I’d learn something new but more importantly, I saw results very quickly. It was the fact that I continued to see results and feel physically stronger that I continue to use James even now, months and years on from the start.

My initial concern when considering a personal trainer over the physio was that I assumed they would all be one-dimensional i.e. focus on fitness or strength alone etc. With James, you get a multi-dimensional and ‘holistic’ coach. Rarely is there one set of exercises or routines that can fix or improve your physical wellbeing and James incorporates elements of exercises, muscle therapy (massage), nutrition and supplements. The winter after working with James, I was able to return to the French Alps to snowboard again. Of course, I was cautious and didn’t go extreme but the point is, and this is 100% genuine, I would not have gone, or continue to go, without having met James. He is focused, innovative, fun and committed to evolving his own knowledge base by regularly investing in training courses for continuous improvement.

Should you be looking to enhance your physical wellbeing, train for a specific event or require recovery, you cannot fail with this man. I wholeheartedly endorse him and any initiative or project he is involved with!

Enjoy your sessions.”

Nick Burnett

“I utilised James for personal training over an eighteen month journey which would take me from being six stone overweight with chronic back problems to running the London marathon. Although his knowledge is without question and my London Marathon medal takes pride of place, the most important thing that I have taken from my time training with James is if I “Dig Deep” (his favourite expression) anything is possible!”

Shirley Martin


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I realise that some women do not want to be muscley but I am very happy with myself now and continue to train using the programmes that James has put together in order to keep working out in a productive way.

Louise Hendry